1977 Snohomish County Jane Doe Vitals:

Date Found: August 14, 1977

Location Found: Everett, Snohomish County, Washington

Sex: Female

Race: White

Estimated Age: Estimated to be between 15 to 22 Years old (Most likely 16 to 19 years old)

Hair: Short, light brown hair.

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: Around 155 lbs.

Dentals: Her teeth were in good condition, upper two front teeth had dental restorations (Reconds on file).

DNA: On File

Clothing: A tank top with pastel stripes, cut off jeans and blue and white tennis shoes (Mr. Sneeker brand in men's size 7). She had no purse or identifying papers in her pockets.

Jewelry: A Timex watch with a brown leather band on her left wrist.

Other: Appeared to have suntan.

Agency Case Number # 77-17073

Medical Examiner # 08SN0977

NamUs # UP2128

NCIC Number # U-579855433

NCMEC #1102164

Note: Often runaways might be dropped from NCIC when they reach adulthood by the calender -- even though they had not yet been accounted for or recovered.

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