(New Updated Composite of Jane Doe  by Natalie Murry, Forensic Artist - April 27, 2016)

(Forensic artist John Hinds holds up his sketch of Snohomish County's Jane Doe)

(Composite sketch of a Jane Doe)

(Tank top with pastel stripes, White tennis shoes (Mr. Sneeker brand in men's size 7) and
Timex watch with a brown leather band worn by victim)

(Jane Doe was laid to rest more than 35 years ago in an unmarked grave at the
Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Everett. The plot is between the two marked graves on
the right. Her remains were exhumed for genetic testing and are now are stored at
the Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office).

(Quilt square featured on "Quilt of Hope" by Janice Smolinski, mother of missing Billy Smolinski)

Note: Often runaways might be dropped from NCIC when they reach adulthood by the calender -- even though they had not yet been accounted for or recovered.

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